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Insight  for leaders who want to build healthy faith, master their own economic systems, & create functional teams for life and business progress. 
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You were born to reign in life & business

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We care for the HEARTS of LEADERS.

We mentor and teach LEADERS to LEVEL Up:
We believe you can lead from abundance rather than deficits.

Monetize & Collaborate:
We believe that from YOUR place of WHOLENESS, you can create systems and communities that are strong enough to rule the world - even while you're on vacation.

We help our clients to live well, work well, and generate strong spiritual, emotional, & financial legacies.     

LEADERS Rule the World.

For most of history, leaders have carried the weight of the world on their shoulders to make life better for others while their own private lives, businesses, and legacies hang in the balance.

Some years ago, I was in the same space. I was at the top of my career, leading two major organizations at once, but my private world and my personal progress were being sacrificed. No one knew the silent pain I faced and there was no one I could trust with my heart and my dreams. I wanted the next level. I just needed the right skills and heart support to take me there. That's why I'm here to elevate you.

With Psychological and Faith-Based research,
I discovered that FAITH mindsetS and ORGANIZATIONL wellness are vital to progressive leadership. Leading others well and supporting them in building strong legacies begins with me loving my personal legacy enough to break cycles. Heart cultivation coupled with progressive skillsets are priority.  It's the only way to legacy and longevity. I learned the value of taking back internal harmony, creating my own economic system, and building tribes and teams to support success. For me, the process was a priceless lesson and I serve every LEADER around me with the LEVEL Up, Monetize & Collaborate Method.


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We work with clients who impact and lead through music and entertainment, entrepreneurship, business and finance, educational leadership, ministry, science, mental health, coaching, writing, speaking, and more.    


LaShaon has pushed me to embrace and value what I offer to the world. She also challenged my pre-existing business strategies and helped me take my podcast to new levels. The way LaShaon captures my vision and helps me do business  has been very instrumental to my company.


Founder & CEO of Coach My World, Inc.

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My Coaching Experiences with LaShaon have been amazing. Her strategies have helped me grow.

CEO of Willisae's Agency for Vision & Empowerment, 
Transformation Strategist & Speaker



The QMC tribe and LaShaon Brooks Coaching has been pivotal in my journey. Her coaching set the foundation for my businesses. I've always has an entrepreneur's mindset but lacked the key elements that nurture the "Why's" of my heart. I wasn't allowing my heart to rest. My sessions with LaShaon have definitely identified the importance of protecting my internal harmony and my creative peace!! I look forward to the future of my legacy and the legacies of so many others'.


Entrepreneur & Founder of Unified Women's Alliance


The sessions are outstanding! LaShaon taught me how to enjoy me and as a result of loving me better, I got married and started a business. Thank you, LaShaon. I'm looking forward to my next session!


Entrepreneur, Author & FNP


LaShaon Brooks' Business Coaching will hold you accountable on all levels of the spectrum. You will feel renewed, recharged, and ready to bring change in your sphere of influence. It has allowed me to have clear vision for the things I desire to accomplish in business. I now have the support, the resources and strategies to execute. LaShaon has helped me to develop a business plan with clear and concise goals and deadlines. Her commitment to her clients is filled with passion and consistency.

Keshia Freeland

Author, Minister, & Coach

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LaShaon is quite powerful, empowering, and very authentic. Her coaching and program has activated something within me that's been dormant for quite a while. It has also changed my mindsets on the way I see myself and what God desires for me. She has also helped me identify my unique offer to women. 

Dr. Cynthia Quizmundo

 Orthodontist in the Philippines, Global Business Owner, Wellness Mentor, Speaker, & Author

LaShaon created the LMC PROCESS to set WHOLENESS  as the center of life & Business Progress 

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We unravel the beauty in each leader's heart so they can focus on building skillsets, impacting the globe, and leaving a strong financial legacy.

Get the QUEEN TING$ Guide and challenge your thinking on life, leadership & progress

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As a LEADER, you deserve to have your heart well cared for, your organization running with strong systems, & the right people to support your progress.

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