Passion & Purpose

Have you ever felt like greatness is inside of you just waiting to get out and if you don’t do something about it, you’ll explode? That sums up the way I feel every single day!

It's because I have a burning passion to develop others to transcend the norm and accomplish extraordinary things.

My heart for seeing others progress began when I started out teaching children Bible studies in my parent’s garage as a teenager. I wanted to impact their lives in anyway I could. From there, I became a teacher, then a school superintendent, and then a pastor. Along the way, I found out that I love to write and direct. I’ve spent much of my time teaching in classrooms, pulpits, staff developmental meetings, as well as training actors for theater and film. I’ve written my own books and movies and I’ve helped others to write a few. 


I’ve learned along my journey that no matter where I am, I just love giving others the tools and understanding necessary for extraordinary living. I am discovering that everyone of us -no matter our age or status in life, have room to grow and develop. Progress in life depends on inner progress. There’s no other formula for real, lasting success.


I speak to people of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging self discovery and greatness. I have shared my passion with professional athletes, academic staff and students, children, church partners, artists, filmmakers and community leaders. My greatest mission is to see forward progress for all.


COACHING Our Coaching organization offers individuals, families, teams, schools, churches and professional groups virtual or in -person, tailor-made coaching to discover self, maximize potential and thoroughly enjoy life. Get Coached!

PATHFINDERS is a morning spiritual & mental wellness show that I do live on FaceBook every Tuesday @ 6:45AM.

SHEVOLVES MOVEMENT is an organization that my friend, Pastor & Life Coach Renée Roberts and I founded to empower women for monumental forward progress. SHeVOLVES hosts events such as TRIBE REMIX, THE LOVE FEAST, FRIENDSHIP X and Mental Health Forums. Join the Movement! 

FRIENDSHIPX is a SHEVOLVES event that my friend, Pastor & Life Coach Renee Roberts and I founded to empower people for successful relationships. These events include a 2-day getaway with training sessions where friendship groups and individuals seeking better relational skills are equipped to do life with others. The getaways are held in exclusive, luxury properties around the world. Register for Friendship X! 

FIREHOUSE MOVEMENT is my support organization for authors, actors & other creatives who desire craft coaching and opportunities to use their influence and abilities to change the world. I have written and premiered three feature length films and written and directed dozens of stage plays and books. I love creativity and I support creatives.