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Behind Sunday

Why did you write Sunday and what took you so long to release it?

Ha!! So many people have been waiting for the release of my new book, Sunday. It’s been a 9 year journey, so you can imagine their patience muscles are screaming! It is one of those books that I completely enjoyed writing; and the characters became my babies. Everyone who read it fell in love with the characters the same way. Their vulnerable lives and voices matter so much. In writing this, I was hoping to unearth the voice of many people who have questions… quiet questions that they are constantly asking themselves because they don’t want to be labeled or rejected before they even have the chance to breathe out and express who they are. We are all growing, changing and learning ourselves better. It’s only when we stop moving forward that we have to put on a front that says, “I’ve arrived. I know who I am and this is the end of the road when it comes to knowing me.” People like that never grasp the beauty in evolving. Love is always moving forward. In Love, it’s impossible to embrace yourself solely as a label, as a nickname or an ideal image that makes the world comfortable. Find your voice. Find your passion. Find yourself.

Why a novel?

Stories take us places…places within our hearts, places within our souls. Through books, we’re able to explore new places and old places in the stories as well as within ourselves

What’s it about?

Alicia Banks, a varsity baller is doing her best to forget her problematic relationship with her mother and her disturbed past. She’s got to manage her life well if she wants to go to the next level; but when she meets the new girl, Sunday, life and love take on a whole new meaning. The two friends create a world of their own that helps them deal with the realities they face. Extraordinarily romantic and super sarcastic, Sunday presents the struggle between reputation and identity. This is a self-discovery story for sure.

Who is Sunday for?

People are exploring what real freedom looks like more and more these days. Sunday is for those of us whose hearts crave healing and progress from Love and innovation. You’re never too young or old for a feel good story.

What answers will seeking people find in this book?

More than anything, people will find questions. We are always seeking answers but we don’t always ask the right questions. This book is about searching the heart and highlighting the spaces that are in need of healing. As we learn the necessary questions, we are able to see where we need healing. Sometimes, the right questions come from someone who cares about you and teaches you to love and care for yourself.

Who exactly is Sunday?

You’ll have to find that out.

When will it be available?

It's important to me to spread love by giving people something amazing to read during the harsh season we are in. Sunday can be preordered right now on my website. The book will be released on Good Friday (April 10, 2020)!

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