Behind Sunday

Why did you write Sunday and what took you so long to release it?

Ha!! So many people have been waiting for the release of my new book, Sunday. It’s been a 9 year journey, so you can imagine their patience muscles are screaming! It is one of those books that I completely enjoyed writing; and the characters became my babies. Everyone who read it fell in love with the characters the same way. Their vulnerable lives and voices matter so much. In writing this, I was hoping to unearth the voice of many people who have questions… quiet questions that they are constantly asking themselves because they don’t want to be labeled or rejected before they even have the chance to breathe out and express who they are. We are all growing, changing and learning ourselves better. It’s only when we stop moving forward that we have to put on a front that says, “I’ve arrived. I know who I am and this is the end of the road when it comes to knowing me.” People like that never grasp the beauty in evolving. Love is always moving forward. In Love, it’s impossible to embrace yourself solely as a label, as a nickname or an ideal image that makes the world comfortable. Find your voice. Find your passion. Find yourself.