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// Choose To Be Great

We are the PathFinders. We have been summonsed by God to transform the norm into

something new. We do not bow to status quo or the expectations of men. Our allegiance

is to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And we overcome average by our faith in the One we


I share this statement of faith every morning that I speak on the Pathfinder’s Morning

Devotions because I believe it with all of my heart. Living to know why God laid hold of

my life is my greatest desire. I know that you feel the same! The entire earth is standing

on tip toes, waiting to see just who you are. And on top of that, GREATNESS is inside of

you just waiting to explode!

When you discover just who you are and what you’re carrying for the world, there are a

few things that you’ll need to decide so that you won’t run back into your shell every

time you are opposed:

1. Decide that you will embrace yourself: You’re YOU. That’s the bottom line. You

look like you. You smell like you. You act like you. No one else will be able to

embrace you until you decide to embrace yourself! Flaws and all, embrace yourself.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to make progress in life.

2. Decide that you are will not bow to the expectations of men: You’re a mom, a dad, a sister, a pastor, a teacher, a friend...people are expecting things from you

every single day. It is okay to meet expectations, but it’s not okay to bow to them!

Bowing to other people’s expectations means that you place the expectations of

men above God. That’s where we get stuck in life! You must give God the highest

place of honor in your life. His voice trumps every other voice.

3. Decide that your life depends on YOUR forward movement: YOU MUST MOVE FORWARD! When you make this decision, nothing will be able to stop you! Allow

God to take over your imagination and show you what is possible for your life. Then

press into that vision with everything you’ve got! NOW is your time!

4. Decide that your destiny is between YOU and GOD: When God speaks to your

heart about who you are, no one can stop you from moving forward but YOU. Get

out of your own way and do it now! Take your destiny out of the hands of men and

place it back in God’s hands. He will not make a failure out of you. He will make sure

that every bit of who you are is expressed so the world can see that HE IS WITH


5. Decide that you will not quit: You will encounter obstacles in this life. No matter

how smart you are, no matter how gifted you are, you will have to deal with

opposition. Just remember this: The greatness inside of YOU is bigger than any bit

of opposition that can come your way. You’ve seen hard times before but you’re still

here and you’re still strong! Muster up every bit of who you are and push back

anything that tries to stop you from fulfilling what is in your heart. It may take some

time but you will see what you’ve been hoping for!

Today is your day to decide. When you do, you’ll blow your own mind!

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