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The CloneVille Notes: Part 2

So, I’ve talked a lot about CloneVille and all of the issues that come along with trying to stay in that space:

Self-Persecution: Refusing to unconditionally embrace oneself and dumbing down oneself to fit in and be accepted.

Rejection of one’s own spirituality to adopt a seemingly “higher” level of spirituality from others you admire.

Living by Antiquated Policies and Procedures or methods that aren't relevant for real life.

A Performance-based Lifestyle that keeps you on the grind even when you have no grind left. God's ability in you is ignored with your off-stage performances.

Religious Baggage and the judgment of others according to guidelines that aren’t even kept by those who create them.

There are many more that I could list but those were just a few of the challenges that come to mind when I think about living in CloneVille. In my last entry, I explained that CloneVille can be your church/spiritual community, a relationship bent on hindering your forward progress, a school, a neighborhood or even a job. It is actually a state of mind! It’s the mindset that keeps us dumbing ourselves down to fit the mold and become like everyone else. God Forbid!!!

Along with creating these notes, I realized that I could not just expose you to the threat of living in CloneVille, I have to give you a detailed plan on how to begin your exit strategy! I spoke about these strategies in more detail on my Live PathFinders Show on Face Book. You’ve got to check it out! For now, here are a few tips on getting out:

1. Establish Your Personal Core Values. What intangible characteristics do you require for everyday living? Establish what you need. Write down your own standards for living. These values are not about the house you live in nor the vehicle you drive. These values are intangible qualities that you require for forward progress in life. Love? Honesty with others? Authentic connections? What values to you hold?

2. Take Inventory. Does your community agree with those core values or does your community violate them? If your current community does not agree with what you believe is important, decide to get into a community that does.

3. Feed Your Heart. What podcasts, books, online articles and resources can you tap into to feed your heart with what you believe is valuable? What group of people encourage your heart’s expression? Find them and start feeding on what they provide.

4. Be Diligent. Expose yourself to the things that strengthen your heart on a daily basis. If you are not able to get in touch with people who carry your same values right away, get in touch with the material they offer and do it every day.

5. Shift Your Speech. As you feed your heart, your speech will follow what your heart is longing for. This is how we create. Whatever your heart is full of, it will speak. And when a full heart speaks, it creates that reality.

6. Hold Your Tongue. Keep your plans to yourself for now. Never share pertinent details with those who do not display the same core values or have the same heart language and focus as you. You can always figure out a person’s core values by listening to them speak long enough. If the people you hang with don’t have any core values, keep your values to yourself until the right time.

7. Get Ready For War! We would love it if everyone was on our side when we decide to leave CloneVille behind but not every one will be. Mistreatment often comes from those who cannot compute your forward progress. This happens for two reasons: First, your exit strategy may cause people to hate on you simple because they’ve decided to be haters. Secondly, your exit strategy often exposes the lack of forward movement in others. Folks won’t like it! So you’ve got to feed your heart as much as possible so that you’ll be strong when the battles rage.

I feel settled now, knowing that you’ve got some tools necessary for forward progress. When you put these things in place, you’ll begin to outgrow CloneVille and you’ll have no other choice but to move on. Your heart’s progress always precedes your life’s progress. Pack your things! It’s time to go!

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