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The Nitpicking Stops Here.

To nitpick is to make a big fuss over flaws. It is fault finding and magnifying the smallest mistake or issue. Who nitpicks you the most? Is it a family member? A friend? A colleague? Or is it YOU? Nitpicking can cause so much damage to your self esteem; and we know that the way you view you is vitally important to your livelihood. Nitpicking will cause you to second guess everything you do. It will cause you to mistrust your own heart and simple decision making becomes complicated.

For this reason, it is time to identify your nitpickers and dethrone them! Now don’t get me wrong, when I say, dethrone, I’m not saying that you have to kick them out of your life or stay far away from them - unless the situation warrants it. You may not be able to get away from your nitpickers. It may be a spouse. It may be you. So what do I mean by dethrone them? I mean that you must take whoever nitpicks you off the throne of your heart.

When any voice in your life begins to trump the voice of God - who would never nitpick you, it’s time to shift. Keeping God as the number one voice in your heart becomes your defense against the nitpickers. When your heart is ruled by others, your life will follow suit. When you rule your own life, you’ll sometimes subject yourself to things that you don’t need to subject yourself to. Giving God the sweet spot in your heart makes him the ruler and keeper of your heart and life. His view of you, His way of loving you can always be trusted. He knows how to love you better than you know how to love yourself and He will NEVER nitpick you!

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