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If all that I see is what’s in front of me, then what’s in front of me will be all I see. Let me break that thought down a little. We become products of what we see on a regular basis. We are products of what we focus on. If my environment is off or a little crazy then I have the tendency to be off…and a little crazy too. So how do we do it? How do we break away from the normalcies of life and begin living on another level and at a different pace? How can I stop looking at what’s in from of me when it’s right there all of the time?!

1. Break Away.

Get away for a minute! You may not be able to take a two-week vacation at this time but you can take ten minutes to go for a walk or five minutes to get a breather. You may be a mommy of five like me, where it seems like life will never quiet down or give you an opportunity to rest. This is when you make moments and take moments. This is where you lock yourself in the bathroom and take a shower or you get your schedule together by getting your children in bed at a certain time every night so that you can have a moment to dream. You need moments to dream! You need moments to work on life! 

When you finally break away, all you need is your imagination! If you have the ability to day dream, you have the ability to see your life moving forward. A break-away moment is NOT time to reflect on what you want to change about yourself or your life. It’s time to dream about what’s ahead. Don’t think about the ten pounds you want to lose! Instead, imagine yourself already at your desired weight! Don’t think about how frustrated you've been. Instead, imagine yourself enjoying life without those frustrations. 

I know it sounds crazy but you were given your imagination for this reason. You have the ability to see beyond where you are. If you can see beyond your existing circumstances, then you can position yourself for forward progress.

2. Progress is a Process.

Now, don’t get upset if what you’ve been daydreaming doesn’t happen over night. Forward progress takes time. There will be opportunities for you to develop your inner life along the way. Read the book, take the advice, listen to the podcast! When your life is under construction, there will always be opportunities peeking out for you to grab. Don’t miss them! Take your time and get better. When you get better, your outlook on life will change. When your outlook on life moves forward, your life will move forward. 

3. Transcend.

Once you begin developing a new way of seeing things, it’s time to learn something new or sharpen the things you already know but haven’t been applying. To transcend where you’ve been, you’ll need to take in new information and master it. This could be something as simple as learning to blow your nose more efficiently or something as complicated as mastering a new technology program. Regardless of how simple or how complicated, you’ll need to take time to practice. Practice, practice, practice until the information is ingrained in your bones. That means you need to know it so well that you have the ability to teach it to some one else with ease. 

It’s just that simple. Take it one day at a time. Before you know it, you’ll surpass where you’ve been and you’ll be headed to what you’ve seen in your heart.   

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