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BOOk Lashaon


Thank you for your interest in having LaShaon Brooks speak at your church or event. LaShaon specializes in teaching biblical principles to win at life. LaShaon will motivate, inspire and educate you into your destiny.


I specialize in business leadership, mindset, empowerment, spiritual guidance, prioritizing, decision-making, and accountability.


 I'm happy to help you find balance and joy in all areas of life!

My services are strictly confidential. Sessions can be provided via phone, video or in person.

If you're new, we encouraged to schedule a free strategy session!


Would you like to bring one of LaShaon's book clubs, stage plays or creative workshops to your school, church, event or organization? 

To find out possible tour dates and book a live showing of one of LaShaon's plays please use the online contact form below to contact our team today!

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